Work Permits in Thailand

Work Permits in Thailand

Generally speaking, applying for a work permit involves a lot of legal work. It is because employees must also comply with the requirements of the business visa. As mentioned, the latter is needed before the work permit is being issued. See the website here for more details about a work permit in Thailand.

Non Immigrant “B – Business” Visa requirements

For the business visa, the following papers must be submitted:

○ Travel document or passport that has a 6-month validity
○ Accomplished application form
○ Passport photo taken within the last 6 months (4 x 6 cm)
○ Proofs of sufficient financial income
○ THB 20,000 per individual / THB 40,000 per family
○ Approval letter issued by the Ministry of Labor
○ Duplicate copies of the work permit and alien income tax (Por Ngor Dor 91)
○ Corporate documents of the firm or organization such as:
○ Business registration and license
○ Shareholder’s list
○ Profile of the company
○ Exact information about the company’s business operation
○ A list of all foreign workers that outlines their names, nationalities and position
○ A map presenting the organization’s exact whereabouts
○ Recent balance sheet, income statement and business tax
○ Registration of value-added tax (Por Por 20)

For businesses involved in tourism:

○ A list or document of all the foreign tourist

For business involved in exporting:

○ Details of the export transactions

Individual documentary requirements (work permit)

After obtaining a Non Immigrant Business visa, the actual application begins. With this, employees are required to submit a new batch of personal papers to acquire the work permit.

These are:

● Business visa and passport
● Curriculum Vitae or resume
● Medical certificate from a certified Thai physician
● 3 black and white photos (5 x 6) taken within the last 6 months
● Duplicate copies of one’s professional licenses
● For employees with Thai spouses
● Marriage certificate
● Passport
● Children’s birth certificate
● Household registration
● Identification card of the spouse

One stop service center

There are professionals who can apply for the business visa and work permit at Thailand’s one stop service center. If the employee falls under any of these categories, acquiring the work  permit becomes a lot easier.

Experts covered by several policies like:

Investment Promotion Act B.E 2520
Petroleum Act BE 2514
Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act B.E. 2522
Expert associated with a company that has a capital of at least THB 30 million
Members of the press
Information Technology experts
Science and technology researchers or developers
An employee working for a branch office of a financial institution that is certified by the
Bank of Thailand
Employees who need to work under urgent circumstances
A representative of the International trading Business and Regional Office of
Transnational Corporation
Employees of regional operating headquarters