Tourist Visa in Bangkok Thailand

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The Thai Tourist Visa is one of the most used visas by expats and tourist in Thailand. The reason being that there are few if any conditions attached to the tourist visa.Here are further details with regards the tourist visa in Bangkok.The Thai Tourist Visa is used by many visitors coming to Thailand mainly those who wish to stay for longer than 30 days.

If you are not staying for longer than 30 days or do not see yourself entering Thailand more than once a Visa on Arrival will usually be good enough. The problem is the method of arrival in Thailand. If you arrive in Thailand by air then the Visa on Arrival will allow you 30 days stay in Thailand. If however you come into Thailand by land, the VOA is only valid for 15 days.

Most tourists and expats prefer the Tourist Visa as it allows for 60 days when passing through Thai immigration which means that for the next 2 months they don’t need to concern themselves with Thai immigration or any other visa issues. Having a Tourist Visa also allows you to further extend the visa in Bangkok for an additional 30 days. Yes, the Visa can be extended and you can stay in Thailand for 3 months on the visa once it has been extended. Note that it is best to apply for a tourist visa than to take a visa on arrival as it is certain.

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