Register your Marriage in Thailand

Register your Marriage in Thailand

If you are married to a Thai and now need to register your marriage in Thailand then the process normally will take you a week if your live outside of Bangkok. Most expats tend to drop off their documents at one of our offices in Thailand to register their marriage instead of coming to Bangkok.

Once you are married you need to pay a visit to your embassy in Bangkok where most of the foreign embassies are located in Thailand. If you are an American then you are lucky as you can also visit the US Embassy in Chiang Mai if you live in Northern Thailand. What you need from the embassy is a letter of affirmation being a letter to state that you can get married in Thailand. If you are divorced you will need a certified copy of your divorce decree before they issue you this letter. This is an overnight process but some do take 2-3 days to issue the letter. Don’t go on a Friday as you are at best going to wait until the following Monday for the letter.

Once you have this letter in your hand you need to visit the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs to have this letter from the embassy certified. This normally takes about 5-6 hours so go early. The address for the department is as follows and is located near the old Bangkok airport.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Head Office

Building, 123, Chaengwattana Rd.,

Thung Song Hong, Laksi,

Bangkok 10210 Thailand

Once this letter has been certified you need to take this letter with the following dopcuments to the local amphoe office in Thailand the most foreigner friendly district office is the one located in Bang Na a distance from the MFA department. Your wife will have to have the following documents:

  • – her house registration papers (tabian baan)
  • – her Thai ID card
  • – her divorce decree if she is divorced
  • – your passport
  • – your letter of affirmation

The issuing of a marriage certificate takes less than 30 minutes and costs about 500 THB. If you wish us to register you marriage for you while you enjoy your time in Thailand instead of running around in Bangkok dealing with Thai bureaucracy then speak to us online or see our main website. Once you have this certificate you can now leave the country and apply for a Thai marriage visa which can be extended in Thailand for 12 months if you can meet the financial requirements.