Bangkok Business Visa : Thailand

Thinking of doing business in Thailand, teach or coming on a business trip to Thailand – then the Thai “B” Business Visa is what you need. There are certain conditions with this visa. The Thai Business Visa is a visa used for those coming to Thailand on a business trip or coming to seek employment in Thailand.

If you are considering teaching you would need to obtain a letter from your school to obtain the “B” Visa. once you have the letter from your school you have to attach the letter to your application form. The Thai “B” Visa is usually issued for a period of 3 months in Asia. In the US or UK they might provide you with a multiple entry visa.

The Business Visa is normally issued for 3 months as this would be the time needed to apply for your Thai Work Permit . The work permit will then extend your visa for the period definded by the work permit. If it is a work permit for one year then the visa will be extended for one year to expire at the time of your business visa expiration. If you are however looking at obtaining a visa for the purposes of setting up a business then it would be best to speak to attorney who would be able to assist you with not only your company registration but also your visa and work permit application. It is much easier to do all of these processes together as it makes it easier and less prone to mistakes.

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